Review: Pawn By Amanda Lee Koe

Amanda Lee Koe’s short story ‘Pawn' published in QLRS is reviewed by Kaani contributor Prashila Naik. REVIEW Pawn, a short story by Amanda Lee Koe, and published in QLRS, is possibly one of the most subtly unsettling stories I have read. It is set in Singapore and its protagonist is of Chinese origin. But the story could … Continue reading Review: Pawn By Amanda Lee Koe


Review: Accident by Fehmida Zakeer

Fehmida Zakeer's short story 'Accident' published in CHA is reviewed by Kaani contributor Rebecca Lloyd. REVIEW This is the kind of short story that resonates with the reader long after the reading is done. The very ordinariness of the domestic setting the author has created, the repeated actions, simple gestures and the Saturday morning scene … Continue reading Review: Accident by Fehmida Zakeer