Drive by Mohit Parikh

With his feet tapping restlessly in the back seat of the car, his teeth gritted and fists closed to nurse anger at Mummy, at himself (if he could what he should he would open the door and step out of the speeding Ritz), Manthan wishes he wasn’t here, that he was somewhere else: in his … Continue reading Drive by Mohit Parikh


The Last Word by Michael Nugent

O’Connell Funeral Home Tom saw Murphy and walked into the back row of folding chairs set up over to the far left of the casket. It was out of the way of the throngs that would be coming to see the dearly departed off on his final journey. It would be quiet, good for sitting … Continue reading The Last Word by Michael Nugent

Review: Love In An Age of Taxonomy by Anil Menon

Michelle D'costa reviews ‘Love in an age of taxonomy’ by Anil Menon in Usawa Literary Review.   REVIEW Usawa Literary Review is a new magazine launched in July this year. From the fiction section, I had already read Tanuj Solanki’s and Indira Chandrashekhar’s stories having read their short story collections and loved them. I’m yet to … Continue reading Review: Love In An Age of Taxonomy by Anil Menon

Review: Corvus by Sharanya Manivannan

Resh Susan reviews Sharanya Manivannan’s ‘Corvus’ in Jaggery.   REVIEW ‘Corvus’ is the story of an unnamed woman who is not ashamed of knowing that the ultimate truth in the world is that ‘everybody has want’. She is a woman who allows herself to experience adoration instead of being restricted by the society. Our heroine is … Continue reading Review: Corvus by Sharanya Manivannan